Cabinet Expressions is a turnkey cabinet supplier servicing Southeast and South Central Texas and surrounding communities since 2005.  During this time we have built relationships with new homebuilders, remodelers and restoration companies.  We will design, sell and install quality material with expertise and craftsmanship.  With a three week cabinet Services new homebuilderlead time for most of our brands, and a one-day installation for most of our kitchens, we are able to compete with and surpass the competition.

After obtaining a blueprint and a budget, Cabinet Expressions is always willing and prefers to meet with homeowners to gather their thoughts, needs and desires for their new kitchen.  Keeping the communication between the homeowners’ and Cabinet Expressions until the final approval is given also enables the builder to ‘take cabinets off their plate’ until the homeowner is ready to order.  Our consultation and computer generated renderings of the desired project are always complimentary.   

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New Homebuilders –

We are a full service cabinet supplier.  We pride ourselves on our customer service, in the field and in the office. We will provide layouts for all of your plans. We measure the house at frame, double check that measure at sheet rock.  Your phone call will always be answered by a professional customer service representative.  When all other trades are done, we will come back for the final punch to adjust, putty and install shoe mold if necessary.  We will also supply a touch up kit for the homeowner and ‘after the sale’ communication if the homeowner wants to add anything after the close.

Remodelers –

After we are made aware of the budget, we will schedule an appointment with your homeowner and determine their dreams for the new kitchen.  We will then provide them with perspectives and views of the cabinets.  When we have their approval we will provide a final measure and confirmation from our field manager that everything will work properly.  When the cabinets arrive we will deliver and install promptly.  After other trades have left, we will come back and putty and adjust all the doors and drawers and get the final approval from the homeowner.


Cabinet Expressions damaged cabinets Cabinet Expressions damaged cabinetsRestoration –

In the event of a flood or a fire, many times not all of the cabinets will have to be replaced. At cabinet expressions we specialize in determining if the cabinets can be matched or if they will need to be replaced.  If they can be matched, we are the best in the area for being able to find the cabinet company that originally provided the cabinets. In the event of a total replacement, we will work with the homeowner to determine what changes they may want to make to their existing kitchen.